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Animal Communication can provide valuable insights into an animal's health and well-being.  When we give our companions the space to talk and be listened to, this connection can lead to profound understanding and healing in a way that is unique to them and honors their timing.

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  • Behavioral Issues: Gain insight into unexpected or unwanted behaviors.

  • Wellness Check-in: How is your animal feeling and what might make them happiest?  Are there any unmet needs they would like help with? **I am not able to diagnose health issues, but am happy to refer you to a caring Veterinarian and/or holistic practitioner should an illness or injury present itself.

  • Expanding Family: Prepare your animal for a new (human) sibling or a new (animal) playmate. Learn about the personality of the new animal and how they might get along with your family.

  • End of Life Transitions: Assistance in how your animal is feeling emotionally and physically, are they ready to pass and is there anything they want you to know or you want to tell them before they move on?

  • Animals in Spirit: Communicate with your animal after they have passed.

  • Energetic Healing: Energetic work and/or EFT (Tapping) is included as part of each session, offering animals access to their own healing potential.


Please email me a brief description of what is happening with your animal and the questions you would like to ask, as well as a picture of your animal, their name, age, gender and how long they have lived with you.  Please let me know your preference of meeting via Zoom, a phone call, in-person (local only), or I can connect with your animal offline and send you a full transcript of our communication. Pricing includes 1-2 short follow-up questions, but more conversation may require an additional session.  


Animal Communication:

  • Email to schedule an appointment

  • A recent photograph of your animal looking at the camera

  • Name

  • Age

  • Gender

  • How long your animal has lived with you

  • Questions you would like discussed

  • Venmo payment prior to communication session



  • 30 minute communication (1 animal + energy work, most popular): $70

  • 60 minute communication (1-2 animals + energy work): $130

  • 60 minute communication (3+ animals + energy work): $150

  • 10 minute check-in (after initial reading): $20



Prepayment is due upon scheduling the appointment.   Your payment confirms and reserves your session time and must be done at least 24 hours prior to our appointment.  I ask that all payments be made to Venmo @Lisa-Lawrow or request an invoice to pay by credit card through Square.

Gift Certificate: 

A unique and meaningful gift, purchase below and I will send you a beautiful gift certificate to print and share. 


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please contact me 24 hours in advance.



As a child, I used to sing with birds and talk to my dogs and the trees, connecting to the life around me.  Yet somewhere along the way, I stopped connecting and started experiencing anxiety attacks. I felt a large hole in my life that I kept trying to fill with things outside of me, rather than within me. I received help in 2011 by attending weekly intuitive development and energy healing classes.  It was through this work that the hole in my life began to fill up and heal.  In addition to these regular classes, I also travel extensively with an Earth Healers group and attend yearly developmental retreats. Combined, I have been able to gently and continually stretch and grow my intuitive development and energy healing skills. However, it was not until my dog, Austin, became sick that I realized I could again connect with animals.  I began listening to what he was feeling emotionally and physically and asking how his body wanted to heal. With caring and honest communication, I believe in the ability of humans and animals alike to heal and transform in their own timing. I am honored to act as a resource for you and your animal to help provide clarity and compassion to their behaviors and well-being. 


Would you like to ask a question, book a session or a consultation? Please get in touch and I will get back to you within one business day. I look forward to speaking with you.

Lisa Lawrow | Intuitive Communication | Minneapolis, MN

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