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  • Lisa Lawrow

Speak Up

Photo: @thehardins

One year ago today, George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, sparking unrest in the Twin Cities and across the world.

I live in Minneapolis and my family chose to stay and bear witness to the mass sorrow and destruction during the riots. This was incredibly painful and scary and uncomfortable. It was similar to the work that I do as an intuitive when bearing witness to the trauma a Being has endured. It hurts to feel another's pain, to see the devastation, but sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to show up, stay open, and listen. How can healing begin if we do not listen to another's experience and speak up where there is injustice?

I am far from perfect in this quest, but I continue to educate myself, to listen, learn, donate, march, petition, volunteer, vote, and speak loudly to advocate for those that cannot.

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