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  • Lisa Lawrow


My Sunday meditation has been about how to maintain our truth and honesty even (especially) when it is painful. In a reading I did last week, I found that I couldn't touch the truth until I accepted that it might be heartbreaking for all involved. I kept wanting the truth to be something else, happier, more encouraging. But nothing changed and I kept coming back to the same painful information. It wasn't until I allowed myself to be curious that what I was seeing might be the truth, that the deep resonance of knowing settled and I was able to see and know clearly.

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that my "knowing" was confused until I allowed for the truth to exist, isn't this always the case when we push something we don't want to know or acknowledge away? We don't want to feel the pain, we don't want to cause others pain, so we hide the truth from ourselves. But by staying in our hearts, where we can acknowledge our fears and other emotions with honesty and caring, we can stay connected to our strength even (especially) when it is painful.

Image: @helena_wlt

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